This page provides a chat room where the Adults withAPD Research Project chats are held in association with Dr Damien Howard. APD Support UK chats for parents are also held here from time to time.

Contact me

Please contact me if you would like to take part in either type of chat -


  • To enter the chat room, enter your chosen username in the white box on the right (below the red line) and click the grey Connect button to the right of it.
  • You will need Java enabled on your PC in order to get in.
  • N.B. If you have difficulty with access using Firefox, go to 'Tools' and make sure that you have Java Console activated.
  • Or you can click the Mobile/ HTML box.
  • Or you could try pasting the webpage link into Internet Explorer or another web browser.


Please feel free to explore the rest of this website, but not during a chat, as doing so may crash you out of the chat room!