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Statistics for England and Wales 2021-22

In 2021-22, APD Support UK sent all Local Authorities in England and Wales a survey concerning their APD provision. We also provided every Local Authority/LA in England and Wales with detailed information on APD. Most of the replies were received only after a Freedom of Information request was needed. 

Our response to the LA replies included information regarding appropriate signposting for specialist APD testing, the legal obligation for schools to provide all reasonable adjustments recommended by an APD specialist, the need for all co-morbid conditions to be identified and fully supported, and the obligation of all sensory teams,Teachers of the Deaf/ToDs etc. to support APD in the provision and use of assisted listening devices to all children with APD where recommended on diagnosis, and that they must not only support children who also have hearing loss. We also stressed the need for support to be specific to the child's unique APD profile (and not the same provision as for a child with hearing loss). We also reminded them of the need to disseminate this information to all schools that they are responsible for.

Our full responses are also available below, for England and for Wales. If parents are told anything that is different to this, please remind them of this information that was sent to them and share this document.

LA APD Survey Data
LA APD survey data 21-22.pdf LA APD survey data 21-22.pdf
Size : 46.589 Kb
Type : pdf
APD Support UK's response to English LAs
LA Response Feb 2022 England.pdf LA Response Feb 2022 England.pdf
Size : 81.625 Kb
Type : pdf
APD Support UK's response to Welsh LAs
LA APD Response Feb 2022 Wales.pdf LA APD Response Feb 2022 Wales.pdf
Size : 100.218 Kb
Type : pdf
NEW: THE APD JOURNEY: A document for parents/adults with APD and others discussing the journey from finding out about APD, suspecting that a child or adult may have it, through referral/diagnosis to seeking support in education and at work, and some tips. Please share.        © Alyson Mountjoy
The APD journey.docx The APD journey.docx
Size : 40.69 Kb
Type : docx
A one-page document containing a brief list of basic facts about APD. It is intended to signpost those who have APD to this website, and those who suspect APD, or simply want to learn more about it. Please share with anyone you feel needs to know more about APD.
APD Factsheet.pdf APD Factsheet.pdf
Size : 75.601 Kb
Type : pdf
APD Factsheet-.jpg APD Factsheet-.jpg
Size : 290.805 Kb
Type : jpg
 NEW APD and remote microphone hearing aids/ RMHA (FM systems) For children, adult learners and employees.
© Alyson Mountjoy
APD and RMHAs.pdf APD and RMHAs.pdf
Size : 156.675 Kb
Type : pdf
APD, phones, video conferencing and virtual learning
An updated guide which now also includes virtual learning. (if not in the UK please refer to your own country's rules on reasonable adjustments for disabled people in education and at work). © Alyson Mountjoy and Anna Williams.                                                                    

APD Support UK Alert Cards - for all ages A credit sized alert card to carry, in a choice of designs to suit children, teenagers and adults - with a brief explanation of APD and a couple of ways that other people can help. © Alyson Mountjoy

Alert Cards.pdf Alert Cards.pdf
Size : 191.822 Kb
Type : pdf

APD tips for social gatherings. Think carefully whether you/your child really must attend a family/social event that might be stressful or distressing. Not everyone finds them enjoyable and enforced socialisation can do more harm than good. If the answer is still ‘yes’ then follow these simple tips to help ease the stress (also useful for those planning such an event). © Alyson Mountjoy

APD tips for social gatherings.pdf APD tips for social gatherings.pdf
Size : 73.17 Kb
Type : pdf
NEW GP and hospital appointments with APD

A visit to your GP or a hospital appointment can be a stressful and worrying experience without coping with APD. This one-page list of tips can help take some of the stress out of your visit. They can also be used if you are accompanying a child.

GP and hospital appointments with APD.pdf GP and hospital appointments with APD.pdf
Size : 68.908 Kb
Type : pdf


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