This page provides a variety of information sheets and articles about living with APD, including how to get a diagnosis in the UK, how to explain APD to other people, how to get help in school, college, tips for parents, teachers, kids and adults, and APD at work. Also there is information about ways to help you live with APD - both as an individual or as a family, and links to my support groups.

All the information here, and all the articles etc.can be downloaded and printed free of charge, but please respect and retain the copyright on all documents, whoever the author might be. More links and articles will be added over time - please visit again!

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This section contains new and updated documents for you to take and pass on to anyone that you feel needs to know about APD. It includes:

  • my Facebook support groups
  • an APD presentation
  • information sheets and A4 posters
  •  the current recommended APD testing centres
  • common symptoms of APD in a young child
  • teaching learners with APD
  • APD in teenage years
  • tips for parents
  • tips for kids
  • a section just for adults with APD
  • acronyms, abbreviations and common terms that you will come across
  • various APD alert cards suitable for all ages
  • newsletters of the former organisation APDUK.

APD Support UK Online Facebook Support Groups

I manage 4 UK and international Facebook groups which provide support and advice for parents/families, adults with APD/suspected APD, teenagers and young adults with APD, and a variety of other co-morbid conditions. If that's you, you are welcome to join, as are any interested and supportive professionals where appropriate (please see the group details below; some are restricted by age, location or other factors). The focus is on living with APD and I do not allow selling of any sort, or promotion of any therapies/medications/supplements that claim to cure APD. If you want to join, please be prepared to respect those rules and other members and admin, or your membership will be terminated. Everyone has their own journey. Please click the image below to join the groups. Details and links are also available on the home page of this website.

© Alyson Mountjoy

Online Support Groups.pdf Online Support Groups.pdf
Size : 15.47 Kb
Type : pdf
APD and its Implications  - Notes and Presentation ©  Alyson Mountjoy
The notes can be used to explain to your child's school about what it means for your child to have APD, and why tailored support is vital. They can be used with the presentation, but don't use the presentation alone as it contains headings with very little detail. The notes should be given as presentation handouts along with the GOSH criteria (below).

You can of course use the notes and presentation as a basis for your own notes and/or presentation, so long as they aren't copied word for word. You can also add your own comments on a separate sheet or in your verbal comments to explain how your child is uniquely affected - which is advised. All I ask is that anyone printing and sharing the presentation and notes to please retain my name and copyright, and print and use the documents unchanged.
APD and its implications - Notes -FINAL.pdf APD and its implications - Notes -FINAL.pdf
Size : 113.768 Kb
Type : pdf

Recommended APD Testing Centres for Children and Adults

APD RECOMMENDED UK TESTING CENTRES - MAY 2018: (FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS). Including new location restrictions and updated contact details for some centres
GREAT ORMOND STREET/ GOSH UPDATE: GOSH will now only be accepting referrals for children living within the M25 area (Outer and Inner London) aged 7-16.  Other testing centres do not provide reliable full testing, merely assessments or screening tools which should not be relied upon as the basis for a valid or complete diagnosis, Patients who choose to go elsewhere do so at their own risk.

Referral Criteria © Great Ormond Street Hospital/GOSH

This is for reference only. Other testing centres may have different criteria and age ranges, so it is best to ask each testing centre what they need before seeking referral.

APD testing centres May 2018.pdf APD testing centres May 2018.pdf
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Type : pdf
GOSH criteria for APD clinic 03.01.17.pdf GOSH criteria for APD clinic 03.01.17.pdf
Size : 284.126 Kb
Type : pdf
What is APD
A quick read for those who only have time for the basic points. It contains the information about APD on the front page of this website - which you can take to inform your child's school about APD, or to use when seeking referral; it also has a link to this website and one to the GOSH APD information page.
Size : 120.852 Kb
Type : pdf
12 APD Reminders 
12 A4 colourful posters taken from slides in the presentation with one line reminders on the impact of APD on education. These can be printed and distributed separately from the presentation notes or as an accompaniment to the information sheet, used as classroom posters, or as additional presentation handouts.
© Alyson Mountjoy
Size : 932.778 Kb
Type : pdf
Article -  Common signs of APD in a young child
 © Alyson Mountjoy
Common signs of APD in a young child.pdf Common signs of APD in a young child.pdf
Size : 108.846 Kb
Type : pdf
How to help your child with APD at home 
© Alyson Mountjoy

Parent Tips.pdf Parent Tips.pdf
Size : 66.382 Kb
Type : pdf
Helping your child to understand APD and explain it to others
© Alyson Mountjoy
Children.pdf Children.pdf
Size : 91.146 Kb
Type : pdf
Information for schools and colleges
© Alyson Mountjoy
Teaching learners with APD.pdf Teaching learners with APD.pdf
Size : 66.282 Kb
Type : pdf
For schools and colleges - on understanding, educating and supporting teenagers with APD
© Alyson Mountjoy
APD in Teenage Years.pdf APD in Teenage Years.pdf
Size : 69.223 Kb
Type : pdf
Acronyms, abbreviations and common terms
A reference document of acronyms and other terms that you might come across on your journey
© Alyson Mountjoy
Acronyms, abbreviations and common terms.pdf Acronyms, abbreviations and common terms.pdf
Size : 74.201 Kb
Type : pdf
APD in tests and exams
All about readers/scribes and extra time (access arrangements, reasonable adjustments and special considerations for internal and external tests and exams) and why learners with APD need them.

APD in tests and exams 2.pdf APD in tests and exams 2.pdf
Size : 115.623 Kb
Type : pdf

APD Support UK Alert Cards

A credit sized alert card to carry, in a choice of designs to suit children, teenagers and adults - with a brief explanation of APD and a couple of ways that other people can help.

© Alyson Mountjoy

Alert Cards.pdf Alert Cards.pdf
Size : 191.822 Kb
Type : pdf


Be That Parent

Fighting for support for your child with APD and other conditions: issues and advice collated from recurring themes in my parent support groups.

© Alyson Mountjoy

Be that parent.pdf Be that parent.pdf
Size : 142.75 Kb
Type : pdf

About FM Systems

Information to read before buying an FM system to support a child with APD in the classroom

© Alyson Mountjoy

About FM systems.pdf About FM systems.pdf
Size : 34.984 Kb
Type : pdf
APD and Written Work
 © Alyson Mountjoy
APD  and Written Work.pdf APD and Written Work.pdf
Size : 35.593 Kb
Type : pdf
 Types of memory and how APD affects them
 © Alyson Mountjoy
Types of memory and how APD affects them.pdf Types of memory and how APD affects them.pdf
Size : 34.226 Kb
Type : pdf

 APD, Long-Term memory Problems and Strategies

Information about how APD affects long-term memory and some suggested strategies that can help

Long-term memory.pdf Long-term memory.pdf
Size : 71.051 Kb
Type : pdf

Article - APD-related tips for your GP or hospital visit

© Alyson Mountjoy

GP and hospital visits.pdf GP and hospital visits.pdf
Size : 225.453 Kb
Type : pdf

5 Tips for  stress-free family gatherings for people with APD

© Alyson Mountjoy

5 top tips for stress-free gatherings.pdf 5 top tips for stress-free gatherings.pdf
Size : 54.096 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - Dual Vulnerabilities - The child with special educational needs and low self-esteem  © Alyson Mountjoy 
Size : 23.901 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - How to improve confidence and self-esteem in a child with APD © Alyson Mountjoy 
Size : 83.571 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - 'APD and Co-morbidity' (other unrelated conditions that can exist with APD) - © Alyson Mountjoy
APD and Co-Morbidity.pdf APD and Co-Morbidity.pdf
Size : 54.879 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - The Invisible enemy - Supporting children with invisible disabilties © Alyson Mountjoy 
Size : 23.214 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - Supporting pupils with special/additional educational needs © Alyson Mountjoy 
Size : 48.132 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - Homework - Is it relevant, accessible and differentiated? © Alyson Mountjoy 
Size : 58.218 Kb
Type : pdf


APD in Adults- and how to help

Information sheet to give to other people, to help them understand APD and giving ways in which they can help an adult with APD.

© Alyson Mountjoy

Adults with APD.pdf Adults with APD.pdf
Size : 24.887 Kb
Type : pdf

Article - Adults with APD and Employment

© Alyson Mountjoy and ©Dr Damien Howard - part of the Adults with APD Research Project

Adults with APD and Employment.pdf Adults with APD and Employment.pdf
Size : 1039.926 Kb
Type : pdf

 Article - Adults with APD and Stress

©Alyson Mountjoy - part of the Adults with APD Research Project

Size : 281.545 Kb
Type : pdf
Article - For Employers  - How to conduct an APD- friendly interview © Alyson Mountjoy 
Employer interview tips.pdf Employer interview tips.pdf
Size : 234.676 Kb
Type : pdf


The official newsletters of the former organisation APDUK:  These newsletters contain a wealth of information for all ages, with articles written by parents, adults, and teens, and pictures by children, plus kids' pages, recommended books on a variety of disability-related topics with reader reviews, articles by guest professionals, groundbreaking international research on adults with APD, and other content.

© All contributing authors.

N.B. APDUK no longer exists as an organisation and the website has been removed. These newsletters are not available elsewhere. Please do not use the APDUK membership form, make payments to the organisation or use contact details in any newsletter: they are all now invalid.

APDUK_News_1.pdf APDUK_News_1.pdf
Size : 559.021 Kb
Type : pdf
APDUKNewsletterNo7.pdf APDUKNewsletterNo7.pdf
Size : 344.559 Kb
Type : pdf
APDUK_Newsletter_No_2.pdf APDUK_Newsletter_No_2.pdf
Size : 274.832 Kb
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Size : 1078.434 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 3808.498 Kb
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Newsletter 9 FINAL.pdf Newsletter 9 FINAL.pdf
Size : 2406.996 Kb
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APDUKnews4.pdf APDUKnews4.pdf
Size : 1440.305 Kb
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APDUKNewsletterNo5.pdf APDUKNewsletterNo5.pdf
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Size : 4886.503 Kb
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APDUKNewsletterNo6.pdf APDUKNewsletterNo6.pdf
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Adults Employment Newsletter.pdf Adults Employment Newsletter.pdf
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