The APD Support UK Facebook groups provide support and advice for families and individuals with APD/suspected APD (and other co-existing conditions) in the UK and internationally. If that's you, you are welcome to join, as are any interested and supportive friends, family or professionals, where appropriate. Please read the group details below; some are restricted by age, location or other factors. These are all groups which maintain the privacy of members. APD can affect anyone, anywhere; it has no barriers. The focus of each group is on living better with APD and managing it effects, sharing strategies in a safe environment and finding others who understand. Whether you are a parent, friend or family member, an adult with APD, or a concerned professional, you are not alone.

If you want to join, please be prepared to respect the rules, the privacy of the group and the opinions of other members and admin, or your membership will be terminated. Everyone has their own journey and each is different. APD has no cure and selling of any sort, promotion of any therapies/medications/supplements or claims to cure APD are not permitted. Even if you feel it helped you or your child, it could be unsuitable for someone else; everyone is affected uniquely with any variety of other conditions and difficulties too. Copying and pasting posts outside the group without permission is also not permitted. Discrimination or verbal attacks on another member or admin is not permitted. Any of these actions will result in moderation for 28 days followed by a permanent ban for any prohibited posts after that.

Please see below for details and click the group name to ask to join a group.You must fully answer ALL of the questions asked when requesting to join, or your request might be refused. Please make sure to join the group/s most suitable for your needs. If you later invite others to join, please remind them to answer ALL of the questions, or they will not be able to join.


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APD facts, tips, and events are available every week on our social media pages and on our Facebook page.


"APD Support for UK Parents" is for UK parents only and not adults with APD.  Discussion will be based on diagnosis, education, legislation and  support for UK families affected by APD (also other co-existing conditions). Residents outside the UK and adults with APD would not find this beneficial.  However, UK and International professionals are welcome to observe and learn how APD affects families on a daily basis.


"APD Support for UK Adults" is restricted to UK adults who have APD or suspected APD.The focus is on issues relating to UK adult APD diagnosis, information, and support for adults living with APD and other co-existing conditions in the UK. This group is not for international members, or those wishing to discuss issues affecting their children

ADULTS WITH APD (International)
"Adults with APD (International)" is for adults (18+) with APD and suspected APD, providing support on diagnosis and all aspects of living and working with APD anywhere.

Parents, partners, family members and supportive professionals are also welcome, but the focus is on issues affecting adults with APD and members' adult children with APD and other co-existing conditions, but not on issues affecting school-age children.


If anyone is interested in setting up a local, in-person group to support parents of children with APD or adults with APD, you may find this guide useful.
Setting up a support group.pdf Setting up a support group.pdf
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If you have set up a local in-person  group in your area to support those with APD and wish to publicise it, you can so so here. Just email with the following details:
  1. Group name.
  2. Group leader's name and contact details to publicise here
  3. Group meeting place.
  4. Group type: whether just for parents of children with APD, or for parents who also want to bring their children with APD, or for adults with APD.
  5. Any other relevant information (day/time/frequency/any cost etc.)

APD Support UK does not run any in-person groups, and they are not affiliated to the official voluntary organisation in any way. We simply provide a guide  to setting one up and a place to publicise them. Groups can also use information from this website to help support those with APD. Any queries should be directed to the individual group organiser/s.

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