The aim of this website is simply to provide FREE information about Auditory Processing Disorder/APD and links to support for living with this disabling condition. It is for anyone who has APD or suspects it, wants information on this subject, wants to support those that have APD at any age, or simply learn more about it. 

Although based in the UK, this website provides information to everyone, everywhere: APD is a global condition. APD is for life.

APD facts, tips, and events are available every week on our social media pages and on our Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/APDSupportUK

Alyson Mountjoy - Chair APD Support UK.


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The pages on this website can be accessed via the page name or image on the panels below and the links at the top of each page. All documents are free to print and share but copyright must be respected.

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New content added where indicated below.

Contains the "About APD" document (explaining APD, the effects and myths surrounding it, FAQs). Including "APD testing centres" with details of referral, testing and diagnosis in the UK, plus criteria sheets from some of the main testing centres. Also, a one-page, basic "APD Factsheet" to share.

Contains a list of APD testing centres that provide full APD testing for children and adults in England in Wales with criteria and the testing process; also, additional documents from some of those centres.
UPDATED: 14th September 2023.
Contains documents and articles written for parents and children with APD, including education. Most documents on this page are applicable to all ages or can be adapted to provide support for adults in education.

Contains downloadable documents and articles specific to adults with APD, including work-related issues. 

Content on APD for medical and education professionals plus "An APD guide for employers." Also, professional research articles on APD.

NEW: "Understanding APD: The Myths and Misconceptions" - A presentation and handout for the All-Wales CVI & APD Conference on 20th March 2023.

Also, "APD REFERRAL PATHWAY: A guide for schools, local authorities and sensory teams" as mentioned in the presentation


Contains a variety of free, downloadable documents containing information on APD-related issues, suitable for parents and adults with APD, professionals and others. Incudes: "The APD journey." Also, a survey of APD provision by Local Authorities in England and Wales and our response with recommendations for improvement to meet current legislation. Plus: "GP and hospital appointments with APD."

Contains a list of links to our UK and international Facebook groups which provide support and advice for families and individuals with APD/suspected APD and other co-existing conditions. Also includes a guide to setting up a local, in-person support group for parents, families or adults with APD, for those that are looking to do so.
Our free newsletter "The Listener" has moved. https://apdsupportuk.wixsite.com/the-listener Contributors includes parents, adults with APD, children, professionals and guest organisations. There are personal tales of readers' APD journeys, news and views, plus APD Support UK updates on APD research, promotion, and support. They are available in full colour and plaint text versions for you to read online, download and share. It is hoped to add more issues soon, depending in your contributions.
Contains details of Alyson Mountjoy's books on APD, articles on APD, her "APD and More" blog and other publications that she has contributed to concerning APD. (The books can be purchased or borrowed from your local library).
Contains the APD Support UK press release. Also, letter templates to use to campaign for more centres for full APD testing UK-wide, for all ages, and to address lack of reasonable adjustments for children and adults with APD in education at at work, plus an invitation to APD-aware organisations to link with us and be APD-aware.It takes a few minutes to send an email which could secure further testing centres or additional support for yourself or your child.
Contains links to other invisible disability websites for information and support, including some that support families affected by APD and are "APD-aware."
Contains requests from researchers for child and adult volunteers to help with projects related to APD and hearing loss. Also includes research articles about APD.  Please check there from time to time, to see if new requests have been added which you might be able to help with. 
NEW, 14th September 2023: Disabled adults aged 18+ are needed to help with a new study.


Do you run a UK disability organisation/charity? People with APD normally have any number and vaiety of co-existing conditions, so your members might also have APD. Please message us if you are interested in sharing our website and APD details, and we will share yours as being APD-aware. apd.support.uk@aol.co.uk


As an unincorporated association of like-minded individuals, our aim is to provide support and advice on the unique nature of APD, and promote:
• awareness and recognition of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) as a disability throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond;

• standardised UK-wide specialist, multi-discipline APD testing for individuals of all ages;
• standardised UK-wide training for education, medical and other professionals and organisations in the recognition, diagnosis and support of individuals with APD of all ages;
• wider research into APD, and;
• provision of lifelong, tailored support in education, work and all aspects of life for individuals with APD of all ages, to accommodate their unique APD profile and any/all other co-morbid conditions and their level of disability.


We have an ongoing "APD Facts" feature on social media on Mondays and Thursdays and upcoming events information is posted when appropriate.Please follow us and share our posts to help raise awareness of APD.

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The website owner, Alyson Mountjoy, Chair and founder of the organisation APD Support UK, has over 20 years experience in supporting those with APD and has written two books on the subject (one for children and one for parents and professionals) as well as many research, articles, blog posts and all the documents on this website.

Please email her if you have any queries about APD. apd.support.uk@aol.co.uk


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CONTACT: apd.support.uk@aol.co.uk

  • Any information provided via this website, the Facebook groups, and handouts is based on over 20 years of experience, interactions and research, gained while supporting parents of children with APD and adults with APD.
  • This website and content are not intended to provide medical or legal advice, and they should not be taken as such. We just signpost readers to appropriate providers of APD testing, provide information and support for individuals and families affected by APD, and quote readily available legislation already in the public domain to inform people with APD of their rights. Readers are free to make up their own minds, use any recommendations as they see fit, and seek medical or legal advice as they feel appropriate.
  • Parents and adults with APD are free to choose where they seek diagnosis, but be aware that only a consultant in audiovestibular medicine (NHS or private) using specialist tests is qualified to say for certain whether APD is present. Anything else is mere speculation. Assessments elsewhere might be incomplete or incorrect and may not constitute a valid diagnosis without the appropriate professional training, testing, and experience to interpret the results efficiently.
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